“I joined after my first frebinar. This is such an exciting way to learn. As a retired teacher, I can tell you that you are an excellent teacher!”

~ Therese Marx
Ruther Glen, VA

“I have to tell you how much I LOVE your lessons. I've had Photoshop Elements for 2 years and have struggled through countless written instructions and even took an expensive course. I have learned more from your introduction DVD in the last week than I was able to figure out with anything in the last 2 yrs!”

~ Brenda Schori
Granger, IN

“These free webinars have gotten me even more excited about about adding digital scrapbooking in combination with my traditional scrapbooking”

~ LeighAnn Rebillard
Franklin, Indiana

“I always, always learn something new so I'm a big fan of attending these webinars. Thanks Michelle!”
~ Cheryl Gembler
Boerne, TX

“I love your webinars and with your membership videos, I think I’m actually becoming a Digital Scrapper!"

~ LaVerne Greenhill
Richmond, VA

“I am such a newbie to digital scrapbooking it isn't funny. I just loved tonight's session.”

~ Mary Rellinger
Livonia, MI

“Boy was I stuck until I found you! Thanks for the easy-to-understand push in the right direction. I am now unstuck and making pages.”

~ Ruth Junkin,
Asburn, VA

“Finally, an online session that teaches me how to use my digital software I had for awhile but felt too overwhelmed to use myself. Kudos to Michelle Stelling for being an easy instructor to follow”

~ Barbara Auger
Cairo, NY

“I'm so excited to FINALLY have someone show me how to use Elements. I even attended a community education class last year on Elements and came away feeling I had thrown my money away. THANKS so much for the very detailed instructions."

~ Barb Davis
Markham, TX

“I learned more in this hour than I have with books and other training materials! Thank You!.”

~ Joni Merritt,
Tooele, UT

"I really enjoyed the tutorials. I have Elements, and am familiar, but not expert. I would do your tutorial, then open a project and practice right away.  If something didn't seem to work, I could go back to the tutorial and re-learn. Thanks so much for taking the time to put this site together. I look forward to learning more in the months to come!"
~ Tina Hayes,
Temecula, California


Here's what people are saying and creating after either becoming a member, purchasing our training videos and/or attending our live virtual online classes:

"I love the fact that I can go back into the membership area and review a topic if I forgot something.  What a great convenient resource! I started when I had my 1st child. I was hooked. I'm a rookie but the more I play the more I learn! I sure have come a long way. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you."
----...........................................................................---~ Mary Jo Place, Colorado

"Thank you so much for these videos! I appreciate your help with this so much. This site has introduced me to something that I have always loved to do in a whole new way! A couple of weeks ago, I never would have been able to put together something like this! After viewing the Introduction to Digital Scrapbook videos, I am much more confident and can't wait to create more!"
----....................................................----~ Courtney Allen, Commerce City, Colorado

"I am learning at my own pace and I am loving this process. I watch the videos in the membership area and then go back and try it for myself. You are a very good teacher. I often wondered how people learn how to use this program."
......................................................................... ~ Minjo McKinney, Houston, Texas

Betty has only been a member for less than a month and look what she has already accomplished! Here is what she had to say. "This is so much fun! Thanks so much for membership area, couldn't have done these layouts without those easy to follow training videos."
      ................................................................    ~ Betty Mell, Spokane, Washington

Credits: A Rose is a Rose papers by Rene Bross, Digital Scrapbook Place, Frame Elements from Chasing Dreams by Valeri Brumfield. 

After taking the Introduction to Photoshop Elements 1 month class here is what Pam had to say. "Thank you, Michelle!  You are a great teacher!  I am 54 yrs old, who would have thought? I am picking it up more everyday!  I am lovin' it!!! . . . Attaching a very cool LO with drop shadows.  I am very proud.  Getting this one printed at Cosco.".
............................. ............................................
 ~ Pam Lincoln, La Vernia, Texas

Credits: Photoshop Elements | Kits were Blue Blooms and When Daddy Comes Home from | Burgandy Ice a .99 deal from 

I have been blown away by the things you can do with Photoshop Elements and really look forward to getting the program.  I am SO enjoying the Frebinars and am doing the trial membership.  Thank you so much for all the wonderful instruction you give! “ ~Emily Gibson, Tulsa OK

COMMENTS ABOUT THE DVD's ----------------------------------------------

"I recently ordered and received two of your DVD's - beginners and intermediate training.  Wow!  Thank you!"
--------~ Geraldine of Howick, South Africa

"I have thoroughly enjoyed your video trainings so far. You make it very easy for us newbies to have a feel for what we are doing and I feel much more confident in what I am trying to do...Once more, thank you for your hard work and your interest in teaching digital scrapbooking. I’ve tried the traditional scrapbooking, but it’s not near as much fun as the digital.
--------~ Marsha Edwards of Humble, Texas

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digital scrapbook classes

“I very much enjoyed the webinar's from the last 2 months. After attending both online classes I did sign up for 1 year membership...I have been scrapping since 1992. Thank you for taking the time. I look forward to learning more!"”
--------~ Lisa McMullen of Belgrade, Montana

"I really enjoyed the tutorials. I have Elements, and am familiar, but not expert. I would do your tutorial, then open a project and practice right away.  If something didn't seem to work, I could go back to the tutorial and re-learn. Thanks so much for taking the time to put this site together. I look forward to learning more in the months to come!"
--------~ Tina Hayes of Temecula, California

“National Association of Digital Scrapbookers, thank you very much for showing that Photoshop isn’t hard to work with. After being in this class, I understand the use of Photoshop. It may take a while to get use to different features, but practicing and applying everything you taught will be a great help. There’s nothing I didn't like about this class, it was fun and interesting throughout the weeks. Again thanks for showing how great, challenging, and fun Photoshop Elements can be.”
--------~ Christine Foulcard of Patterson, Louisianna

“Coming into this site I knew absolutely NOTHING about Photoshop Elements, creating images etc... I now have a great deal more knowledge of this program and the power held within it. When I first opened up PSE and tried to use it, I think I lasted 10 minutes and was ready to blow up my computer. Now I can't wait to do projects and image enhancements...”
--------~ Allison Cosentino of Bolingbrook, Illinois

“I give you an amazing amount of credit for all the things you have done with these tutorials... well done Michelle!”
--------~ Steve Illinger of Connecticut

"I absolutely loved this class.  I have been getting a lot of the Digital Scrapbook kits for a couple of months, but really haven't done anything. I felt that I might get frustrated since I have not use PSE before.  You make it looks so simple and I am excited to get started." 
--------~ Maureen of Ammon, Idaho

"The training was great and I love the site. I found out about your site just recently from the magazine web site. I really liked the training yesterday and look forward to more...I just love the flexibility of making all your own designs and things. Thanks!" 
--------~ Peggy of Freeland, Michigan

"Thanks so much for putting on the free class. I learned so much in that hour and will be trying out the new techniques on my next digiPage. I can't wait until you have another one!"
--------~ Lisa, South Carolina

"I enjoyed your webinar last night very much! I liked learning how to tear the paper…now all I have to do is try it. I also picked up a few other things like double clicking on the “fx” on the layer and playing around with it. I also liked the adjustment layer segment. I hadn’t thought of the different layers for trying different effects...Keep up the good work!"
--------~ Marge of Littleton, Colorado

"Even though I had to rush home from work to catch the class, it was totally worth it! You made it look so easy and now I am going out to buy Photoshop Elements and try it myself." ~ Jennifer of Sacramento, California


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"Digital Scrapbooking has opened up a whole new world for me!"

~ Marie Davis
Hawthorne, NY

I live in Indonesia and your frebinars are so helpful as I try to learn digiscrapping. I've taken 5 of your frebinars now and I purchased your 3 pack video tutorials as well as How'd Ya Do That,
I love them all!"

Judi Guttormsen

"I LOVED IT! I can't wait to order the DVD's and really learn how to use my software"

Mary Bascome

"I love these Webinars. I am learning so much. Thanks for your instructions, I feel like I am FINALLY getting it."

Barbara Young
Ponca City, OK

I have really enjoyed the tutorials provided in the NAODS membership site. I was a total novice to Photoshop. After engaging in just ONE frebinar with Michelle, my skills improved remarkably..."

~ Rosanne Santos-
Elliott, Brooklyn, NY

"I just want to say that I am half way through the Intermediate and I have learned SO much! You are an excellent teacher!"

Jo-Anne Brintrup
Long Island, NY

"The webinar tonight was great and the sound makes it so much easier to follow along. This was so easy to follow and such a huge amount of information in a short time. You make it appear to be fun and easy. Thanks!"

~ Ami Pilon

"These are awesome. As a beginner, they are invaluable in learning the tricks of the trade!"

~ Gail Sherry

"Thanks SO much!! Keep up the great work.....I have already recommended you to lots of others!

~ Dusty Weber
Cambridge, Canada

Watching your webinars are a very good way to learn and the time is great as it is 8.30am for me (Hong Kong time) and the kids have just gone off to school!"
~ Gill Wray
Hong Kong

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